Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Introducing Nikki Schmaltz...

Do you have a favorite product? I really had to think about this. If you look at all my card recipes there is one product that I use on 99% of my cards. Dimensionals/ Pop Ups/ Foam Tape! I wouldn't think of that right off the bat, but it's obviously true. I almost never make a card without them.

What technique do you think is your signature? I honestly don't know. I hate to "label myself" because I love to try new techniques all the time. If you forced me to choose I would say embossing, both dry and wet. I think they make a card pop!

Do you have a style? The one thing that always comes to mind is "clean." Clean designs...that's me. Clean and Fun. Clean and Elegant. Clean and Simple. That doesn't mean I don't like to distress and grunge it up. I just think I do it with a clean design in mind:)

What colors do you love to work with? And what colors to you absolutely abhor? I like to use all colors. I have a rough time with purple though. I really can't stand fluorescent colors. I'm pretty sure I will never own the fluorescent set of Copics:)

Where to do you prefer to craft and at what time of day? I have a section of my basement that is devoted to my crafting addiction. I am an EARLY morning to mid morning crafter. I usually get up very early (5am) and craft. I also craft when my kids are at school. You will almost never find me crafting at night unless I have a deadline I haven't met and then it will be with a pot of coffee because I am NOT a night owl.

Do you have a craft buddy? What is her/his/its name? My kids will sometimes craft with me. Usually my son. He likes to make cards on occasion. Usually I work alone though. It's nice and quiet that way:)

What is your favorite crafty snack? Chocolate! Lately though, I've had to get creative with my snack because my behind is not happy about what crafting and chocolate are doing to it. So, I take Multi Grain Cheerios and Chocolate Cheerios and mix them together. It's a better alternative. I also like Craisins and Almonds. (I think I'm going to try the Cheerios mix...sounds yummy and healthier too.)

Why do you craft? It makes me happy. In turn, it makes other people happy when I give them something I've created especially for them.

What inspires you?   I am inspired by so many things around me. Nature, magazine covers, gift card designs. There is a world of inspiration out there.

What do you scrap (if you do scrapbook) the most? I haven't scrapped in a while, but when I do it's my kids and their lives. I love that they have memories come back to them from the pages I create.

Do you do any other crafts other than paper craft? I have always wanted to learn pottery, but honestly, I think my husband would kill me. That's a whole other room of supplies to pay for:)

If there were three words to describe you...and only THREE...what would they be? Not Very Serious:D

What is one thing that we should know about you...the person? I really try to look at the positive side of everything. I believe that things happen for a reason and in their own time. My family has taught me this. I think I have the most amazing family( immediate and extended) in the world. They inspire me in so many ways. I'm a very lucky girl! I'm also a "talker." I had to warn you.

Name one thing we should know about you ...the crafter... My ideas typically never manifest to paper the way I see them in my head. I am a slow crafter that makes a LOT of mistakes. I think the only thing I am anal about in my whole life is my paper crafting. ....thank goodness!

Tell us about your very first crafty experience.. .Was it a layout? A card? How did it turn out? Compare it to your work today. I have always done crafty things. My mom is crafty. My first paper crafting experience was a layout. I went to a party and made this page of my (now) husband and me. To this day, I love it because it was made with so much love. It's pretty plain in comparison to what I make now though.

If you could send a message to our followers to encourage them in their crafting efforts...What would you say? Create for YOU! Do what makes you happy. You shouldn't worry about how others feel about your work. Crafting is supposed to be fun. Have fun doing it! Keep your mistakes in a little bowl or something. You never know when they might work on something else. I have a "reject" pile that I go to quite a bit. Never underestimate the power of a mistake!

I am so excited to be a part of this team. DCRU is, by far, my favorite online store. I look forward to creating with all of you!

Nikki, we are all excited to have you on the team too. You can find Nikki at her blog
Sealed With a Stamp. If you have time to visit please be sure to give her a great big welcome!
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