Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Introducing Nicole Anderson!

Here are the interview questions we asked and the responses, Nicole gave. Enjoy!

Do you have a favorite product?

COPICS!, Prima Flowers, COPICS!, rhinestones/bling, COPICS!, Ribbon...

What technique do you think is your signature?

Copic Coloring with a splatter of bling! GOTTA have BLING!

Do you have a style?

Coming from a custom-cabinet/kitchen design background, I think my style is meticulous. I go down to the 1/32 of an inch sometimes just to get a sliver of a color in a card! AGK, maybe that is better known as the ANAL-STYLE or perfectionistic! LOL!

What colors do you love to work with? And what colors to you absolutely abhore?

I LOVE earthtones and muted ones. I don't do well with pastels or BOLD primary colors, I try, but.....

Where to do prefer to craft and at what time of day?

My crafty time fluctuates according to the school season. This summer I have been crafting first thing in the morning while the kids are eating breakfast and playing wii so I can accomplish something! During the school year I craft after lunch. Rarely do I craft in the evenings because that is the only time I get with my hubby as he commutes to work every day.

Do you have a craft buddy? What is her/his/its name?

NOPE, I go solo because I am so slow and need concentration to get a well-balanced design. When I craft with people I tend to talk 90% of the time and get nothing accomplished!

What is your favorite crafty snack?

Are you crazy??? And get crumbs or greasy marks on my 4-hour card?! HAHA! No way, I snack afterwards!

Why do you craft? What inspires you? What do you scrap (if you do scrapbook) the most?

I have always been artistic since childhood. If I don't craft I will kill someone! HA! I left kitchen design to have my last three kids, so I miss the creative outlet of that, so I create to stay sane and let those juices flow! Usually when making cards the IMAGE I am using inspires the color/paper choices, layout and embellishments. I pick the image first, then find papers/supplies to go with it, then copic color the image to go with the papers. (there - the secret is out !)

Do you do any other crafts other than paper craft?

OH MY YES! I have an artisan jewelry/gift line using sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and handmade glass beads (beading). I sell through my blog and art shows, etc.; I crochet (dishcloths usually) in the car on trips to see family, anywhere between 3 to 6+ hours away. I also sew and cross-stitch too! When I get bored of one venue, I switch to another, helps keep the mojo flowing!

If there were three words to describe you...and only THREE...what would they be?

Perky, artistic, infectious-laugh (that's one word right?)

What is one thing that we should know about you...the person?

I am a (re-married) mom of four kids that keep me young. My oldest is in college (20) and my other three are in elementary school (8, 7 5)! HENCE why I craft to stay SANE! LOL!

Name one thing we should know about you ...the crafter...

When I find a crafty tool or embellishment I like, I have to have them ALL in every color! Prima Flowers: 144 bottles! Rhinestones: thousands! Copics: 220+! Ribbon: 300+ spools! SEE!!!!!!!!! I don't call it hoarding, I call it 'collecting' LOL! I keep trying to convince my therapist of that, but she's not buying it! HAA Just kidding! I'd never go to a therapist, that's just money that can be better spent on craft supplies!

Tell us about your very first crafty experience...Was it a layout? A card?  How did it turn out? Compare it to your work today...

I was introduced to paper-craft through a friend. She invited me to go to a monthly scrapbooking class at our LSS. I did okay, but then found card-making! Never scrapped again! Sad since I have four gorgeous kids I could be scrapping, but maybe eventually I will go that route. For now, I love making cards!

If you could send a message to our followers to encourage them in their crafting efforts...What would you say?

I would say to give it a whirl! Some of the toughest challenges I have faced brought my BEST talent to the table! So, even if you think a certain technique or project isn't 'for you', try it anyways! You may just find something new that tickles your fancy!

Anything further to add to this interview?
The year 2011 promises to be a good year just by the mere fact that I am turning 40 and my oldest (Josh) will be 21! Although it may be sad, too, as my youngest will be in school full-time as of that fall, I will enjoy my time with him (Isaac) this year while he's in half-day kindergarten! SNIFF!
I also want to thank YOU Gwen and Claudia for asking me to be on this team! I STILL don't know how you found me, but am so appreciative for being asked! BIG HUGS to you both!

Nicole xox

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