Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Introducing Piali Biswas...

On our Tuesday Challenge Post I mentioned that you would be getting to know, Piali Biswas a little better. If you have seen her work, you know that she is a super talent. If you aren't familiar with, Piali's work stop by her blog and take a peek at her beautiful creations.
I'm not joking...this is one very talented crafter and
I'm so thrilled to have her at A Crafty Little Place this term.

Enjoy her interview!

 Do you have a favorite product? Stamps...I love my stamps..rubber or digi.

What technique do you think is your signature? No I don't have a signature style yet... I have a mixed style..its how I feel that day,my cards reflect it.

Do you have a style? My style is Simple...clean cards using stamps. I've a hard time using too many embellishments.

What colors do you love to work with? I love to work with kraft cardstock ..Black& white with a splash of any color is one my fave combo.

Where to do prefer to craft and at what time of day? My craft place is in my basement...a little cozy crafty corner. I'm a late- night crafter. I usually start crafting after the kids bedtime.

Do you have a craft buddy?   No :(    (Aw, the little sad emo...if you'd like to be Piali's craft buddy leave a comment for her at the end of this post.)

What is your favorite crafty snack? Dark chocolate truffles...   (Can I just say...YUM!)

Why do you craft? What inspires you? What do you scrap (if you do scrapbook) the most?

I love to makes me happy!! I think handmade things are the best. Inspiration is all around me...stamps, DP, challenges and the crafty blogland.

Do you do any other crafts other than paper craft? I like crocheting, quilting and making jewelry.

If there were three words to describe you...and only THREE...what would they be?

Funny ,Friendly, Helpful.

What is one thing that we should know about you...the person? If anybody needs help with something they can count on me. If I can make even a single person smile ..I think thats a day well spent. (What a sweet heart. Why doesn't she have a craft buddy?)

Name one thing we should know about you ...the crafter...

I'm a big procrastinator ...and a messy crafter. I like to try new things and learn from my mistakes.

Tell us about your very first crafty experience.. .Was it a layout? A card? How did it turn out? Compare it to your work today.  I was always crafty... my first crafty experience in US..I made my daughters 1st birthday invitation. Turned out very cute...I make their birthday invitations every year since then.

If you could send a message to our followers to encourage them in their crafting efforts...What would you say? I believe that there is no right & wrong in crafting ..create what your heart desires. Anything handmade with love is the most precious keeping on crafting!

Thank you Claudia and Gwen for the wonderful opportunity...I'm so excited to be a part of this wonderful DT.


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